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Nadeem Ghafoor

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation
Vice President, Space Exploration
Dr. Nadeem Ghafoor is the Vice President of Space Exploration at Canadensys Aerospace, a Toronto-based space systems and services company with a focus on accessible space, where he is responsible for science and exploration activities spanning government and commercial markets. Nadeem brings 20 years of experience from large & small space across Canadian and European programs, and has a background in both planetary science and spacecraft engineering. After working on the NASA-ESA Cassini-Huygens mission, Nadeem spent 5 years in the UK space industry designing, building and launching 5 microsatellite missions, before spending close to a decade coordinating new planetary initiatives at the robotics division of MDA. Today Nadeem leads a range of enabling technology developments at Canadensys in support of future micro and nano-class Moon and Mars exploration. Nadeem is a strong proponent of space education, the unique inspirational value of space exploration, and broadened space access for all.