Hassan Khan

Hassan Khan is a Founder, CEO at TODAQ Financial and also serves on its Board of Directors. He is also CEO and Chairman of Quantius, and alternative lender to going knowledge based SMEs that are rich in intellectual property. Hassan also serves on the Boards of two non-profits; the Quantius Education Foundation and Givgro. TODAQ is a mobile financial services marketplace powered by the USD-backstopped Toda Note digital currency. The currency is aimed at knowledge-based businesses globally requiring liquidity for growth and transaction efficiency. A serial entrepreneur currently working on the intersection of IP, technology and Money 2.0, Hassan's background in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is rooted in his experience in the Canadian Army. During his time there he created integrated cryptographic capabilities for security and emergency response agencies to cooperate for security operations in the former Yugoslavia and the G8 Summit, as well as disaster response in support of the Canadian people during the British Columbia forest fires. He also led teams to develop new capability platforms including software applications to handle virtual training. Hassan started his service leading platoons for the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry 1st Battalion and serving as its Regimental Signal Officer. Merit ranked 1st nationally across all Signal Officers he was then promoted to Major and commanded the Signal Squadron in Canadian Forces Base Borden, was the CIO for all technology services enabling training of 15,000 annual graduates of the Canadian Forces Support Training System, and directed all technology policy for the Army, Navy and Air Force for central Canada prior to retirement in 2008. Hassan also worked for global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he served the leadership of F500 companies and countries, helping them achieve growth in their technology related sectors and supporting corporate leaders to adopt new technologies (e.g., Big Data, Cloud) across high tech, telecom, finance, healthcare, defense, biotech, and natural resources sectors in over 15 countries and 50 cities. Alongside his technology related work, he also served financial sector clients in building effective investment strategies for the knowledge economy. He left consulting in 2014 to to build companies that would meaningfully address large market gaps for knowledge based small and medium businesses and the unbanked, both of which required more capital delivered with greater efficiency. In 2015, he founded his first company, Quantius, which is an alternative lender to knowledge based SMEs that are rich in intellectual property and requiring non-dilutive growth capital. Quantius’ differentiation is its ability to use big data analytics to analyze and collateralize the IP of its borrowers. In 2016, he partnered with the US based Privacy Shell and Todacorp teams to co-found TODAQ Financial.