Diane Kotelko

Magellan Aerospace
Space Systems Lead
Diane has worked at Magellan Aerospace (formerly Bristol Aerospace) since graduating from the Royal Military College many years ago. She has dodged the management bullet, staying on the technical side of the business ever since. Diane has worked on every type of rocket-powered vehicle made by Magellan in the last 30 years, in the area of flight dynamics and systems engineering. Her career has grown from being able to assume a flat non-rotating earth for small military rockets, to a spherical rotating earth for sounding rockets, to having to consider repeatable ground tracks for low earth orbiting satellites in sun synchronous orbits. She has performed flight dynamics analysis for design, range safety and post-flight analysis for air-to-ground rockets, guided missiles, ICBM-look-alike targets, sounding rockets and orbital launch vehicles. More recently, Diane has had the roles of Attitude Determination and Control System Lead for the SCISAT-1 mission, the Flight Software Lead for the CASSIOPE mission and the Systems and Operations Lead for the Radarsat Constellation Mission Bus.
When she’s not busy launching rockets, she can be found playing bagpipes around Manitoba and elsewhere.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, February 15

1:50pm EST