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Richard Sypniewski

Senior Business Development Engineer
"We are an international space-tech company that is commercializing the world’s first scalable electric propulsion system based on FEEP technology. This technology has evolved and was established through a long-standing research company, FOTEC, which has developed the technology for over 15 years under ESA contracts. Currently, ENPULSION has accumulated several millions to bring FEEP propulsion technology to satellite manufactures around the globe and making it a commodity in the industry. ENPULSION is the first company worldwide, that offers a customized propulsion system at a commodity price and ultra-short lead times. This is possible due to our proprietary FEEP technology which uses solid Indium as a propellant, opposed to gaseous fuels. The IFM Nano thruster module uses this technology in a compact, pre-qualified building block; a complete self-contained propulsion system that can be clustered and then operated as a single plug-and-play unit."