In 2016, the Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) hosted a sold out symposium which brought together national and international players in the Canadian small satellite and new space sector. In response to its success, the industry will again gather at the expanded and enhanced CSCA Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2018, to be held in Toronto at the Westin Prince Hotel, February 13, 14 & 15, 2018.

A convergence of leading and emerging corporates, policy makers and regulators, entrepreneurs, investors, and academia the CSCA Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2018 will be another milestone event for Canadian space.

In June 2016 the Committee On the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) agreed to a first set of guidelines for the long-term sustainability of outer space activities ( A/71/20, Annex). As the Committee continues its work on the second set of guidelines, the Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2018 is focused on the sustainability of opportunity in space, in advance of COPUOS’ presentation to the United Nations General Assembly in 2018.

SmallSats are a key factor in space sustainably, both in providing solutions and potentially contributing to the problem. As more are actively using space for security and socio-economic benefits crowding of physical orbital locations and broadcasting interference become a greater concern. The current traffic in LEO and the thousands of smallsats slated for deployment, heighten the propensity for collision and challenge the sustainability space.

SmallSats are also a mitigating factor in managing Earth’s sustainability issues. Many indicators necessary for environmental observation must be monitored from space, where SmallSats are agile enough to bear the burden. The demand and opportunity to put SmallSat’s in orbit is continuing to grow, especially at the micro and nano scale.

To position Canada to provide solutions and technologies to mitigate this concern, the CSCA is bringing together stakeholders from across the country and inviting international participation to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration.


A Comprehensive Program including symposium content tracks including

  • Business and Finance
  • Competitions, Prizes and Challenges
  • Data 
  • Education and Public Outreach
  • Government Role 
  • Ground Systems and Communications
  • Launch Opportunities and Challenges
  • Missions: Earth Observation
  • Mission:Science and Mission Payloads
  • Mission: Technologies
  • Space Policy and Law 

Keynotes – The opening keynote to set the theme for the day.

Luncheon Keynotes – Luncheon keynotes, one for each day of the symposium.

Plenary Sessions – We will invite speakers to discuss key topics for the SmallSat segment.

Panels – Experts will discuss the most important topics related to SmallSats.

Technical Sessions – We will identify key topical sessions as outlined below. Selected speakers will have 15 minutes to present their paper with an additional 5 minutes for Q&A.

Networking Opportunities – There will be several opportunities for networking, including a welcome reception.


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