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ASTER Labs, Inc.

ASTER Labs, Inc. is a technology and research laboratory, that for over a decade has specialized in advanced solutions for space, air, terrestrial, and personal applications. It also offers a range of products in the area of CubeSat components and platforms, as well as orbital mechanics and trajectory optimization software. ASTER Labs is the official reseller of GomSpace ApS CubeSat components, as well as ASTOS Solutions GmbH software products. The company conducts research on advanced topics in the aerospace industry and provides engineering consulting and prototype development. ASTER Labs concentrating on the analysis of aerospace and related systems and sub-systems including space vehicle systems, medical sensor development, and personal consumer products. Our company is proud of its history of utilizing our research to support science and engineering education. Our strong team of research scientists, engineers, and software developers allows us to approach challenges in a manner in which innovation and creativity solve complex problems, improve existing systems, and create new opportunities for our clients, customers, and collaborators.